Nanny Full-Time/ Part-Time

Full time and Part time Nanny Services

Nanny may live in the house, depending on their circumstances and the requirement of the family. Nannies can hire on a full or a part-time base depending on the family’s needs. Over a period, a nanny is like part of the family. Many working-class families tend to hire nannies to ease the burden of everyday life. Nannies’ duties vary from family to family; she/he may cook, clean, take the kids to school and extra activities. Families of the way the pros on cons of hiring a full or part-time nanny, based on financial restrictions, sometimes a nanny may not be the best financial option for some families. Families with a restricted budget can choose nanny sharing, as an excellent solution, or families looking for more interaction for their child may choose nanny share. What nanny sharing, and is it right for my family? Nanny sharing may help with the cost of affording a nanny; it may still be slightly more costly than daycare, but your kids are less likely to get sick. Nanny sharing also helps kids to interact with others around the same age group.

Important Questions for Parents

1. Does the other family share the same disciple method as my family?
2. How are the kids eating habits?
3. Will the kids rotate between homes, and is the home up to your standards?
4. Are both parties willing to sign a contract?
5. What happened if things get broken, or some unforeseen incident occurred?
6. What protocols will have in place if an accident occurs?
7. Can you agree on a fair amount to pay the nanny?
8. How will family vacation schedules work?

Full time and Part time Nanny Services in texas

Please complete our pre-application form, and someone from our team will contact you within 24 hours to help you locate the right nanny for your family. Please note our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. For information on nanny taxes, please click here our preferred payroll and tax provider at 888273-3356. HomePay provides complimentary consultations to our families.

Placement Process

➤ Step 1 – Registration
Register so our Care Specialist can contact you for a phone interview.
➤ Step 2 – Free Consultation
Free consultation with our care specialist to learn and understand your family requirements.
➤ Step 3 – Follow-up
Follow up; your Care Specialist will present you with a caregiver that matches your family profiles.
➤ Step 4 – Select the right caregiver
Now that you have selected the right caregiver, contact your Care Specialist to complete the process.