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The purpose of hiring a house sitter is to provide security to your house while you enjoy your vacation. House sitters are the people who look after a house in case of unavailability of a house owner. They are the people who mutually agreed on living in some person’s house for a short period or temporarily in exchange for house chores and services provided by them or sometimes for money. 
House sitters can be hired when you are traveling abroad, or you have to leave your house due to any particular reason for which you need someone to look after and manage all the possible house chores, which in your absence you cannot be neglected. Like feeding your dog, cleaning your home, and calls going unanswered, these are some worries that can be a handle in your plans.
A house sitter with a clean background and a good reputation will surely enhance your experience of hiring a house sitter. At SittersWorld, we make sure that your home must be in proper maintenance and its best condition when you return home.
We have some of the most experienced house sitters you can hire. They are vigilant, more careful, and more responsible, and above all, they are the most trustworthy. 

Duties of Our House Sitters

  • Security is a most important factor and our house sitters will make sure that all the windows are properly shut, they close the curtains or blinds, and they make sure that no unnecessary lights/fans or wastage of electricity before locking the door.
  • House cleaning is as important as we keep ourselves clean. Our house sitters do perform some basic housecleaning activities such as vacuuming, sweeping mopping and dusting if it is needed.
  • If you have a pool, our house sitters will make sure that pools are properly maintained by keeping debris off the surface, filter basket cleaning, checking the water level, etc.
  • They will take care of your indoor plants and trees in the house and in your front or backyard. He/she will responsible for feeding your pets and work as pet sitters as well.
  • Our house sitters will be sole responsible for answering all the telephone calls in your absence. He /she will provide only authorized information to the
  • They will be responsible for paying off the current due bills and may be designated for banking transactions
  • Our house sitters will monitor all the visitors to your house and make sure that a non-authorized person is not entered on the premises.
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Why Families Trust Us

Our house sitters are trusted and qualified, and you can have our confidence in delivering you the best we can. It is our great honor to be trusted with something valuable of yours, and we will make sure to return it in its best condition. Our house sitters have all the requirements which a person needs like a clean background, the ability to follow instruction like written or verbal, Exceptional skills of organization or situation management. He/she can provide exceptional services for customers, and our house sitters have an incredible experience in house sitting. 

We will also provide you evidence and referral contacts. We offer the best house sitters among all the competitors in the market. Our Prices and deals are affordable, and reaching us is just a click or call away. You enjoy your peace of mind and let us do the rest for you. Please talk to our friendly customer support today and let us know how we can help you. Complete a contact us form, and our project manager will get back to you as soon as possible.