About Sitters World

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and family life sometimes requires additional helping hands. Our founder being a mother, understand the peace of mind it gives to know that someone is on ground at home to look over things. At sittersworld, our mission is basically to provide quality care for households.

We offer services ranging from caring for your babies, household help, after school care, date-night, part/full time nannies, tutoring needs, and community parent’s night out. We are working to further expand these services to cover for more home-sitting needs. SittersWorld.com is a design for parents and sitters to make connections for childcare.

In order to serve you best, our sitters are of legal age and have undergone thorough background checks as well as driving checks for sitters who are required to drive. We take time to train our sitters on best practices and also update these trainings from time to time. We understand that confidentiality is of utmost importance to you, hence we make sure that none of your information is shared with any third party.

We invite you to sign up with us today and get access to our numerous sitters available in every state ready to serve you and help you become the best parent while living your best life. Proper care for your household is our primary concern. So, do you have a business trip and need a sitter? We’ve got you covered!


Creating a life-changing family solution.

With our wide data base, you’ll have a sitter whenever you need one. Period. So say yes to whatever comes up.

Conveniently made for you

Our online data base is here to transform how you schedule a sitter. Whenever you need us, for whatever reason, scheduling is fast, easy & convenient.

Not just a sitter

There are sitters, and then there are Mature Sitters. Ours truly stand out from the Rest. And when you get down to it, shouldn't the person taking care of your children be the best.

Bonding made easier

Needing a nanny or sitter at home or while you are traveling, there is simply no better place to get help. We strive to maintain a balance lifestyle. Continue to be your helping hand; while building a strong nurturing and fun relationship.